Using Flamers Firelighters for bushcraft and survival

Have you ever thought of using a Flamer for bushcraft and survival? Now more than ever we are making the most of the outdoors and finding fun ways to enjoy it. Fires have been used for thousands of years to survive and have adapted depending on the wood and materials available. Nowadays, we have many tools to help us including flint and steel or if you want to cheat, matches. But who wants to use those outdoors?

As great as matches are, they can get wet and then become completely useless. Waterproof matches are expensive and often people find them hard to light. So the moral of the story, matches are not very reliable for your survival.  We love our Flamers firelighters as a survival tool because they are light to carry, odourless, natural and best of all, they are water-resistant.

Fire allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round, so arguably is an essential skill to master, and is there anything more satisfying than building that fire from scratch?  Whatever your competencies may be at lighting fires, our Flamers Natural firelighter is the perfect companion for your adventure. 

Sometimes the more primitive skills are the most dependable. For best results and maximum satisfaction, we suggest using flint and steel. Take the flint in your left hand (if you are right-handed) and strike the steel down the flint. After a few strikes, you should get a spark that will land on your Flamer and ignite. You can then place the natural firelighter on a bed of tinder, whether that’s small dried twigs, dried grass, or something similar. Add smaller logs until you have a roaring fire. Now stand back, admire and enjoy the fire that you brought to life. Another Bushcraft skill mastered. Watch the video below for a visual tutorial of how to use flint and steel to light a fire: 

If you want to find out more about bushcraft and survival skills, why not keep your eyes peeled for a course in your area. They are great fun especially for the whole family and you can learn a lot.