A small block of material made from a combustible substance that lights and burns very easily and is used to help light larger pieces of wood, charcoal or coal.

They are made from wood wool which is basically shaved off, normally a pine tree. This would be the same as you would get in a hamper – nice fluffy wood wool!! This is then wound tightly into rope and then rolls of rope are dipped in a refined paraffin wax. So, basically wood and wax

Just the one, along with 6-8 sticks of kindling and a couple of logs. That is all you need.

No, definitely not and actually we recommend that newspaper is not used to light a fire as it does contain inks etc which are not the best for the fire.

Flamers burn for about 8-10 mins, and KindleFlamers a little longer, but this factor is not as important as some people think because the role of the firelighter is to ignite the kindling or logs and once they are fully alight, then the job is complete. Some firelighters claim to burn a lot longer, but it’s not needed.

It really should not be a problem because the paraffin wax repels water so they will still light when wet. If you watch the Flamers video you will see the demonstration of it being dipped into a bowl of water and then lit.

Yes you can, and we have demonstrated this in a video. You will need to fluff up the wood wool a bit to make a little ‘nest’ and it takes a bit of practice, but it does work.

No they are odourless. All you can smell is the wood shavings. This is why people love them so much because everyone is so used to the traditional white paraffin blocks which do have a strong paraffin smell.

No, not as such. The only potential hazard is the fact if swallowed they are likely to cause choking and may block an airway. They are not even classed as flammable because they are made from wood wool – not flammable and wax – not flammable. We even had them lab tested to confirm that the do not have to be classed as flammable.

None, they are the same but the term Firestarter seems to be commonly used term in Canada and the USA.

If the animal starts to choke or struggle for air, then immediately take to the vet. Otherwise, make sure the animal has plenty of water and if there is any sign of decline, seek medical advice. The product is not classed as toxic or poisonous. If going to the vet, it would be sensible to take the packaging, along with a some of the Flamers.

We recommend that you store your Flamers or KindleFlamer in one of our Flamers buckets which has a sealed lid to avoid any potential danger to pets or children.