This new product was created by George Snell who one day, came across the idea of trying a much longer Flamer to see if it created a far greater heat source, a much longer burn and covering a larger surface area. Hey presto, it worked and it certainly works like a dream. So good, that not only was a new brand – KindleFlamer set up, but also the product now has a patent-pending (GB1907589.4)

Being approx. 17cm long, the KindleFlamer works brilliantly for lighting any log fire as it removes the need for any kindling and you just need the one KindleFlamer, along with smaller logs, to light the perfect fire.

For charcoal barbecues it also brings big benefits over the standard Flamer in that instead of 2-3 Flamers to light the charcoal, you only need just one KindleFlamer and this quickly ignites a much larger area of charcoal. They are also very effective for lighting charcoal in a BBQ chimney starter. No need for newspaper, lighter fluid or paraffin firelighters.