Product Range

Flamers (24)

These are the perfect box to try out. We promise you’ll love them.

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Flamers Bucket

The perfect fireside accessory to store your Flamers safely away from children and pets.

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Flamers (50)

With only one needed per fire, this box of 50 will keep you going.

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Flamers (200)

Available in boxes of 200, perfect to keep you going through summer and winter.

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The NEW KindleFlamer perfect for firelighting without kindling.

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Flamers (300)

Our value pack of smaller flamers with an average diameter of 10-20mm

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“These are without doubt the best firelighters on the market.”

“We won’t use anything else now”

“Just takes one of these to get your fire going, they are really good”

“So much better than chemical firelighter”      

“These are brilliant much better than paper sticks or traditional firelighters and good value for money too”

“These work surprisingly well compared with standard firelighters (which smell!) Again, we use them to supplement our usual paper starter, and we keep them in reserve for when needed”