Flamers are fantastic for barbecues as they are odourless and won’t taint your food. There’s nothing worse than getting that awful paraffin smell on your hands – especially if you are about to cook food.

Did you know that there is a British Barbeque Association and a British BBQ Society? There are even National BBQ competitions and World BBQ Championships? Our Flamers are being used by many of the BBQ teams that tour the UK and they love them.

If you light your barbeque using one of the metal barbeque chimney starters you genuinely only need one flamer. Just place the Flamer at the base of the chimney and heh presto!

If you are lighting a bed of charcoal beneath your grill, you may need two flamers to help get a more even burn across the charcoal.

The KindleFlamer also works great for barbecues and has the added advantage that you only need one placed within the bed of charcoal and because it is so long, it provides a much faster and more even lighting of the charcoal.

Also, the KindleFlamer works really well as a central wick in any barbecue chimney starter and gets the charcoal up to temperature very quickly.

“I absolutely love using these for our BBQ, there is no smell at all so we don’t get any nasty taste on our food and they are so easy to light. Man love Flamers”