Camping and Campfires

There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire at the end of an amazing day of adventure with family and friends.

Flamers or KindleFlamers are the perfect camping accessory, allowing you to light your fire quickly and easily. They will even light when wet, so you won’t ever have to worry about being caught out.

KindleFlamers have the added advantage that you won’t need to take or buy kindling to light your fire, on the other hand, if out trekking, then the Flamers being small and convenient allows you to have several very light firelighters stored in your backpack.

Bushcraft is also very popular, especially with the likes of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears promoting the virtues of the wilderness. Flamers are the ‘must-have’ accessory for bushcraft so you should never leave home without them. You will be pleased to know that they will even light with a flint and steel!

“We love taking these Flamers camping and always have some with all of our camping gear. They light the fire without fail every time, everyone is always very envious of us in the pitches nearby”