Whether it be for your open fire or wood-burning stove it is important that the firelighting is as easy and quick as possible. Because of concerns over particulate emissions, lighting the fire is one of the most important stages to minimise these emissions.

Following your manufacturer’s recommendations is key and it’s all about heating up the flue as quickly as possible to increase draw and flames. Lots of air, hence keeping the door ajar to get the fire going. We are delighted to say that many stove manufacturers do recommend Flamers for firelighting.

There are of course many different ways to light a fire and everyone has their own slight variation and whilst we have always recommended the traditional way of firelighting with kindling and firelighter at the bottom with smaller logs on top, we now favour the new ‘Top down’ method with logs on the base and kindling and Flamer on top. This helps to heat the flue faster and provides more efficient lighting with lower emissions.

“These light immediately and burn well, they don’t have that awful smell that other brands of firelighters do, in fact hardly any smell at all. Just one of these for starting each fire has never failed me. We wouldn’t use anything else now.”